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Emergency Tree Removal

Storm Damage Control and Assessment

Storms can cause serious damage to trees and fallen or significantly damaged trees may threaten your property and your safety. Damaged trees require professional assessment and may need to be removed to ensure the safety of your residential home or commercial enterprise in Lexington.

Thompsons Tree Climbers LLC Services
Thompsons Tree Climbers LLC Services
Thompsons Tree Climbers LLC Services

Tree Care Experts in Lexington

Assistance Day or Night

Thompsons Tree Climbers LLC provides 24 hour emergency tree removal services in the Lexington area to assess and inspect damage caused by storms or any other unexpected event. For efficient, prompt and professional tree removal and swift assessment of your property in an emergency, call the tree experts in Lexington at (803) 404-8915 for immediate assistance.

Trained and Qualified Emergency Tree Removal

Nature can be unpredictable, but you can rely on Thompsons Tree Climbers LLC for help. Our trained and qualified work crews have many years of experience with assessing and promptly removing damaged or hazardous trees that pose a threat to you and your property. Using state-of-the-art equipment and specialized machinery, our experienced staff is always available for emergency tree removal and damage assessment.

Insurance Documentation for Tree Damage

At any time of day or night, we will dispatch a team of workers to handle anything from a branch caught in a power line to the professional removal of a fallen 100 foot tree. Even under difficult conditions such as heavy rains or winds, our Thompsons Tree Climbers LLC technicians work quickly to prevent further damage to your property. We also provide documented proof and photos for insurance purposes as part of our emergency tree removal services in Lexington.

Call (803) 404-8915 to learn more about our in-stock supply of heavy tarps that can protect roofs of any size and for other emergency guidelines before a storm hits.

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